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S1 E13 How to Create and Use Stories to Grow Sales – with Park Howell

April 06, 2022 Joeri Billast & Park Howell Season 1
Web3 CMO Stories
S1 E13 How to Create and Use Stories to Grow Sales – with Park Howell
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This  is the 13th episode of my  podcast CMO Stories: conversations with Marketing Leaders  from all over the world about their challenges, tools and tactics.

My guest for this episode is Park Howell, Business Story Strategist, Keynote Speaker, Sales Storytelling Coach, Podcaster and Brand Raconteur at Business of Story.

Your story matters. Especially if you want to grow sales. Attract and retain top talent. Open more doors and close more deals creating life-long customers. But if you don't tell your story, everyone who matters to you will make one up about you. And you probably won't like it.

For 35 years in branding, marketing and sales, Park has preached being different and distinctive. But now he knows that's not enough. You need to know how to share your story with the world.

After running his ad agency, Park&Co, for twenty years, in 2016 he did a wacky thing to most. He shuttered his shop and struck out on a new adventure to help leaders like  excel through the stories they tell.

Now he consults, teaches, coaches and speak internationally, working with brand leadership, their marketers and sales teams to craft and tell endearingly authentic stories that sell.

He hosts the popular Business of Story podcast ranked among the top 10% of downloaded shows in the world.

Everything he has learned so far about business storytelling is captured in his new book 'Brand Bewitchery: How to Wield the Story Cycle System™ to Craft Spellbinding Stories for Your Brand'. He has also co-written 'The Narrative Gym for Business – Introducing the ABT Framework for Business Communication and Messaging'.

In this episode we will discuss the ABT framework and do a practical exercise for my own personal brand.

This episode was recorded via StreamYard call on March 30, 2022.
You find the show notes here: https://webdrie.net/s1-e13-how-to-create-and-use-stories-to-grow-sales-with-park-howell/

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Happy listening!
– Joeri

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