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S1 E37 Why is Google Your New Business Card? – with Jason Barnard, the Brand SERP Guy

September 14, 2022 Joeri Billast & Jason Barnard Season 1
Web3 CMO Stories
S1 E37 Why is Google Your New Business Card? – with Jason Barnard, the Brand SERP Guy
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Today's guest is Jason Barnard. He is an author and digital marketing consultant. He specializes in Brand SERPs (what appears when your audience Googles your Brand name) and knowledge panels (what Google understands about who you are and what you do).

His backstory:  from playing the Cavern Club in Liverpool to touring Europe playing double bass in a punk-folk group to playing the role of a cartoon blue dog in a TV series to remote working from a tropical island in the Indian Ocean...

This episode was recorded through a StreamYard call on July 26, 2022.

You find the show notes here: https://webdrie.net/s1-e37-why-is-google-your-new-business-card-with-jason-barnard-the-brand-serp-guy/

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Who is Jason Barnard?
Can you tell us a bit of your backstory?
But how is Google today? What should we know as an entrepreneur and marketers about how Google works?
What is a knowledge panel when you talk about Google?
When I am searching for something on Google, I will have different results than if you are searching Google.
Are all these optimizations on the site more about the content or what are some quick wins that we have in our own hands?
Do you need to know your audience well or do you need to test to see what is working and what is not working?
How much patience do you need if you start from zero?
Is there something that you are actively using to update or optimize websites for your clients?
Would you advise Google Ads for clients when they start?
What do you think about the Google business?
What do you mean when you said "Google is your new business card"?
What would be the best place for people that look at your app and would connect with you?