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Bonus Episode: How Podcasters can Use NFTs – with Carlos Diaz

September 26, 2022 Joeri Billast & Carlos Diaz Season 1
CMO Stories
Bonus Episode: How Podcasters can Use NFTs – with Carlos Diaz
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What are NFTs and why should podcasters care?  Listen to this special bonus episode with Carlos Diaz, Founder of Uncut.FM, Podcaster and Investor.

Carlos was born and raised in France, and has now lived in San Francisco for +10 years. He is a repeat entrepreneur and created his first startup, Emakina, at the age of 23, before taking it public in 2006. Carlos also founded blueKiwi, the first SaaS company in France, moved the company to Silicon Valley in 2010 and sold it two years later. Carlos also ran a startup accelerator program for four years and continues to invest through his fund Diaspora Ventures. Today, Carlos is the founder and CEO of and is helping creators and podcasters to create communities and increase revenue through a all-in-one NFT platform for creators. 

This episode was recorded through a StreamYard call on August 30, 2022.

You can get the NFT mentioned in this podcast through this link: 
However you will need the password that is mentioned in this episode.

Who is Carlos Diaz?
What should podcasts scare about NFT?
How could podcasts like mine or new people coming on the platform, use nfts to monetize a podcast? Can you give a few examples of that?
Do you see other initiatives happening or other things that are happening in the podcast world?
Is your discord group for people that have bought NFT open?