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S1 E52 Why You Should Pay Attention to Web3 – with Sam Kamani

November 04, 2022 Joeri Billast & Sam Kamani Season 1
Web3 CMO Stories
S1 E52 Why You Should Pay Attention to Web3 – with Sam Kamani
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The guest for this episode is Sam Kamani, a Web3 expert, tech CEO and author.

Sam is the Chief Web3 Strategist for Moonstream.to, Moonstream is the Web3 engine for Blockchain based games. Moonstream has handled over $2.5 Billion in transaction volume to date. Sam is also the founder and host of the Web3 with Sam Kamani podcast, a top 20 Web3 podcast globally and author of the Amazon Best selling "The 30 Day Startup".

He talks about opportunities in Web3 and why Web3 is going to be as big as the next industrial revolution.

This episode was recorded through a StreamYard call on September 1, 2022.
You find the show notes here: https://webdrie.net/why-you-should-pay-attention-to-web3-with-sam-kamani/

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Who is Sam Kamani?
Why is web3 the next industrial revolution?
Do you have advice or tips on how they can avoid losing money or being scammed?
What big opportunities do you see in metaverse?
Can you explain a bit more about how people can earn money through playing games?
What did you do to know more about what is happening in web3 world?
Can you look a bit into the future for what will be happening in the web three space?
What is the best way to connect with you?