Web3 CMO Stories

S2 E30 Ever Had a Life-Changing Experience that Unlocked Endless Possibilities?

February 24, 2023 Joeri Billast Season 2
Web3 CMO Stories
S2 E30 Ever Had a Life-Changing Experience that Unlocked Endless Possibilities?
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This is a short solo podcast about how my life changed in the last 12 months after I met Mark Schaefer at Social Marketing World 2022 and received my first NFT from Michael Stelzner.

This episode was recorded through a StreamYard call on February 18, 2023.

You find the video version of this episode and all info about the W3X mastermind here: https://webdrie.net/w3xcelerate/

Have you ever had a life-changing experience that opened up a whole new world of possibilities? For me, that moment came at Social Media Marketing World in San Diego in March 2022.

I was there to learn about social media marketing, but I ended up discovering something much bigger: Web3. It all started when Michael Stelzner, the founder of Social Media Examiner, announced that every attendee would receive an NFT that would unlock special perks for a crypto business conference in October.

I was intrigued by this novel concept and decided to explore the world of NFTs further. I began researching and learning about their potential for revolutionizing digital ownership and value exchange.

At the same conference, I met Mark Schaefer, one of the top voices in marketing in the US. We connected over our shared interest in personal branding and he invited me to join his Discord community. From there, I took the initiative to start organizing marketing events in the Metaverse – virtual worlds where people can gather and connect from anywhere in the world.

As I delved deeper into Web3 over the past year, I realized that this was more than just a passing trend - it was a fundamental shift in how we think about digital identity and value. And so I started inviting experts from all over the world onto my podcast, CMO Stories, to share their insights and experiences with this emerging field.

Looking back on it now, it's amazing to see how far we've come in just a year. From those early days at Social Media Marketing World 2022 to connecting with people from Lisbon to San Diego on my podcast, every step has been exciting and transformative.

And now as I prepare to return to Social Media Marketing World 2023 this March, I'm excited to see what new insights and opportunities await me in the world of Web3. So if you're curious about what Web3 has to offer - whether you're a marketer or just someone interested in exploring new frontiers - stay tuned for more stories from CMO Stories. Who knows where this journey will take us next?

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