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S2 E34 How Web3 Empowers Girls in Tech – with Juliette Blake

March 10, 2023 Joeri Billast Season 2
Web3 CMO Stories
S2 E34 How Web3 Empowers Girls in Tech – with Juliette Blake
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Today's guest is Juliette Blake, Founder of Miss O Cool Girls and Co-Founder, Creator & Executive Producer of Miss O & Friends.

We discussed how her company is leveraging NFTs and Web3 to empower girls in the tech industry.

As a leader in the Web2 space, Blake's company, Miss O & Friends, has been creating safe online spaces for girls for over 15 years. However, with the rise of Web3 and NFTs, Blake saw an opportunity to build on her existing mission and provide new opportunities for girls in the tech industry.

This episode was recorded through a StreamYard call on February 15, 2023.
You find the show notes here:  https://webdrie.net/how-web3-empowers-girls-in-tech-with-juliette-blake

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Who is Juliette Blake?
What is your background and how did you become knowledgeable about Web3 and NFTs?
What are your objectives for your Web2 company and have they changed now that you're involved in the Web3 space, particularly with regards to empowering girls and women?
When and how does your NFT collection go live, and is there a community link associated with it?
Aside from practice, do you have any other tips for keeping oneself up to date with knowledge and education?
How do you feel about that being named as one of the top 100 inspirational women in Web3 by Unstoppable Domains?
What actions are you taking to ensure that people or these girls know about your existence?
Where would you like to direct people listening to this podcast?
Is it possible for people to connect with you personally through social media or any other means?