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S2 E38 Are We Entering a New Era of Interactive Storytelling with Web3 and NFTs? – with Adam Martin

March 24, 2023 Joeri Billast & Adam Martin Season 2
Web3 CMO Stories
S2 E38 Are We Entering a New Era of Interactive Storytelling with Web3 and NFTs? – with Adam Martin
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Our guest today is Adam Martin, Co-Founder of Macroverse Media Inc. 

Adam is a director-producer with a Film, TV & New Media background who helps take projects from inception to completion, ensuring creative content keeps pumping, budgets are met and schedules keep rolling. 

Macroverse is a web3 entertainment studio that rewards its community, collectors, creators, and collaborators for supporting upcoming blockbuster franchises spanning comics, TV, gaming, animation, movies, and more. 

By integrating user-generated and community driven content with their original IP,  Macroverse incubates and funds new projects, and invests in creators, concepts and people, while providing a clear and open doors for aspirational storytellers from across the globe. 

Throughout his career, Adam has collaborated with the likes of Michael Bay, Seth Rogen, Don Cheadle, Bill Hader and Lil’ Dicky on projects for Disney, Fox and HBO just to name a few.

Starting with highly collectible NFT comics and characters, Adam is building the next generation of entertainment. Despite the challenge of the traditional comics fanbase being hesitant towards Web3/NFT tech, Adam sees massive potential in reaching this audience. By exploring both the creator and fan sides of the business, Adam sees a genuine opportunity to change some minds.

The “Creator Economy” discussion will play on Adam’s experience in entertainment, his mission to open up access to new creators, and the tools necessary for them to benefit from their success. There are several projects exploring the boundary between web3 and entertainment, and Adam examines what makes Macroverse unique.

This episode was recorded through a StreamYard call on March 7, 2023.
You find the show notes here: https://webdrie.net/are-we-entering-a-new-era-of-interactive-storytelling-with-web3-and-nfts-with-adam-martin

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Who is Adam Martin?
What inspired you to combine Web3 technology with entertainment and create Macroverse?
How has Web3 technology changed the way you approach storytelling and content creation?
Does the name "Macroverse" suggest any connection or leak to the metaverse concept?
How is Macroverse using NFTs and what is the future of NFTs in the next few years?
How do you balance the creative and business aspects of your role as a co-founder of Macroverse?
How does Macroverse create awareness and stand out?
How do you handle the lack of experience in the Web3 space and address skepticism about it with creators and the community?
Can you share any exciting upcoming projects or initiatives that Macroverse has in the works?
What is the best way to connect with you and Macroverse?