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S2 E42 How Blockchain Technology Can Transform Marketing and Entrepreneurship – with Mark Soares

April 07, 2023 Joeri Billast & Mark Soares Season 2
Web3 CMO Stories
S2 E42 How Blockchain Technology Can Transform Marketing and Entrepreneurship – with Mark Soares
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Our guest today is Mark Soares.  He is the founder of Blokhaus Inc, a Marketing & Communications agency in Web3 and Blockchain. Prior to founding Blokhaus, Mark was responsible for Marketing & Communications at a global consumer electronics company. Upon discovering Bitcoin in 2015, he passionately championed blockchain as a transformative technology that can better connect people and help reimagine how value is exchanged in the new digital economy.
Mark is also a member of Cointelegraph's Innovation Circle, a contributor at Rolling Stone, and has been featured on several speaking panels for NFT/Web3-centric discussions at top events, including SXSW, Art Basel, Art Basel Miami, VidCon, NFT NYC, and more. He  and his team at Blokhaus have helped top brands with Web3-centric projects, including Gap, McLaren, Art Basel, Red Bull Racing, Evian, NY Mets, Manchester United, Papa Johns, Guerlain, and more.

This episode was recorded through a StreamYard call on April 5, 2023. Read the blog article here: https://webdrie.net/how-blockchain-technology-can-transform-marketing-and-entrepreneurship-with-mark-soares

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Who is Mark Soares?
What inspired the launch of Blokhaus, a marketing and communications agency specializing in web three and blockchain technology, and how did you first become interested in this area?
Are there other typical challenges, or opportunities that you see here in the Web3 space?
How can NFTs and blockchains be utilized to create personalized, engaging, and immersive experiences for audiences?
What is the idea behind brands stopping NFT drop tweets as ad campaigns, and what are some best practices for NFT promotion by brands?
What are some of the experiences and takeaways that you have gained as a speaker at conferences?
What strategies do you use to stay up to date with the latest trends, and what advice do you have for marketers to stay ahead of the curve?
What is your take on the emergence of Web3 gaming, and as Blokhaus has plans to enter the space in the future?
If people want to learn more about you and the Blokhaus project, where would you direct them?